Are You a Home Based Business Loser?

It's pretty simple actually … the secret to success in your own business. It's not as complicated as many people make it out to be. You do not need to know a thousand different things about marketing. You do not need to have thousands and thousands of dollars to invest towards your marketing budget.

The reason why Donald Trump is so successful is not because of his fabulous hair due (I know it may be hard for you to believe). Donald Trump is successful because he knows HOW to market himself … and here's the kicker. He markets himself the way that he feels comfortable.

You see, there are many different personalities in this world. And I'm willing to bet that yours is not the same as Donald Trump's. Now, you can let that stop you or you can use it to your advantage. How can you use it to your advantage? Simple.

There are thousands if not millions of different products out there. And chances are that there are thousands of other people trying to market the same exact product or opportunity that you're trying to market. The ONLY way … let me repeat that, the ONLY way you can separate yourself from the masses of marketers that are trying to push their products is by using your own personality in your marketing.

That's where the beauty of copywriting kicks in. Copywriting is not about proper English and good grammar … it's about relating with your reader like a real person. Your reader will never believe that you're real if your copy sounds like something that a Harvard professor put together. It's OK to use slang … it's OK to have misssspelled words … 🙂 As long as your reader believes that you, the copywriter, are a real person and you feel their pain.

I guarantee you that this is the key to the "big" guys' successes. They know themselves better than anyone else … they know their strong points better than anyone else. I bet you that Trump's strong point is not the same thing as Gates' strong point. They're two completely different people and they have two completely different types of personalities … the one thing that they DO have in common is the fact that they know how to use their personalities in the way that they market themselves and their products.

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