How To Get The Most Glamorous Prom Hair Styles

So you're all set for prom – you've got your gown, shoes, flowers, jewelry and the perfect date. The only thing left is your prom hair style. You need the most glamorously beautiful prom hair style in the room! We all know the most common prom hair style around – hair is bundled high on the head in a ponytail, while curls are arranged cascading around the face and then decorated with sequins or clips. This is a very feminine and pretty prom hair style. But we realize that not every girl wants this typical style. The following is an alternative idea for you to explore for your very special and unique prom hair style.

Think movie star and classic glamor for this beautiful prom hair style. Soft, billowing curls falling down upon your shoulders, just like the movie stars from the 40's and 50's are what make this prom hair style a wonderful alternative to an updo.

Hairstyling gurus such as Jesse Brigs call this new prom hair style "Hollywood glam". He has helped develop a new surfing technique he calls the S Wave Thermal Set that helps girls get the most romantic waves possible.

But what about girls with short hair?

Do not 'worry, we have not forgotten about your prom hair style! One option for you is to get temporary extensions put in your hair just for your prom night, as long as your hair is four or five inches long. Or you can even put in bonded extensions and have the fun of long hair for up to three months.

Hair extensions are a simple way to get a beautiful prom hair style for either an up do or long and glamorous wavy look. Use hot roller, curling irons and a blow dryer to style your prom hair style. Just be sure you are careful near the bonds and / or clips so that you can read conceile where the extensions are attached.

No matter what style you decide to go with on your prom night, make sure your prom hair style is one to remember. Be sure to add flowers, gems or jewels to glam up your prom hair style. Stencils can add temporary designs using hair glitter or paint. These instantly add a more trendy or funky look to your prom hair style.

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