Tuscan Style Window Treatments – 5 Options Explored

When a Tuscan styled home needs a no frills attached facelift, you can only depend on Tuscan style window treatments. They are simple in their application, but the results obliterate all traces of quotidian drabness. With their intrinsic style and matchless sophistication, the myriad treatments blind all other decorative accents rather easily. And the best part is that their delightful appearance can be altered to suit your whims and fancies.

Sure To Be Swept Off Your Feet

Such types of modifications are often met with a mix of ignorance and trepidation, particularly when you are not that creatively inclined. In such situations, keeping the window completely bare is the best option. Rest assured the absence of curtains and drapes will not leave the place looking lost and wistful. Arrange a motley group of vases and urns in different shapes and sizes on the window sill, and the mood of the room gets altered immediately.

Uncover Six Sizzling New Ideas

Here are six novel ways that challenge your boring, myopic vision and come into your life like a breath of fresh air:

  • Roll shades in an assortment of warm, soothing earthy tones is ideal to recreate that old-world Tuscan charm.
  • Terracotta is another very redoubtable option when you are trying to be decidedly decorative. Stick a few pieces on the window sill and watch your normally reticent guests became animated in their praise. You can soak in the panoramic view within the cozy confines of your room.
  • Nifty homeowners know that it's not only custom-made toile Tuscan window treatments that promise more bangs for your bucks. Window art panels carry much greater heft as they can add a whole new dimension to any room with their rustic essence.
  • Coordinated window coverings enable you to feather your eyes on the sun-kissed rolling countryside without moving an inch.
  • Faux windows in bathrooms or living rooms open a whole new window of opportunity, unknown to many.
  • Bamboo shades woven to perfection wrap the place in a cloak of mystery and intrigue.

Artistic scrolls, shades and panels bring the eternal magic of Tuscany sweeping back in to your personal space. After all, it's never curtains for this timeless style.

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