Original Decor – 3 Value Driven Views of Modern Decor Trump Style

Creative expression often comes as you decorate your home for living. You want your home to live out loud! Self expression is that kind of decorating. You put yourself into the design and d├ęcor of your home with open ended expression of personal tastes and perspectives by including expressions of your very own.

Do you love sunsets?

Select the colors of your favorite sunset as the foundational colors of your rooms. By selecting your favorite color of the sunset, you'll know what colors to add to that foundation to replicate the brilliance of your memory.

The rich eggplant purple of dark night skies with a dollop of red hot orange, streaks of golden rod, and just a smidgen of pure sky blue resound in a room where the central focus is an opulent skyscape oil painting of the same colors. A large modern style painting hung on the wall above the sofa anchors the room, and you get the view twice. Once in the painting, and again in the colors of the room.

Do you love to dance?

Form and motion connect literally when your rooms resound with color and curves. Balance a square room with a splash of brilliant color swiped across a wall in a long curve. Allow the blend point to feature a bold stroke of color. The result will be modern, functional, with form and style.

A long slow curl of light reflecting color may reveal a decadent structure of modern art poised for viewing on a table at the end of a hall. A chunk of color splashed on the end wall, coiled through the house in circular motion, repeated in paintings of modern dancers, rhythmic forms, or elegant furniture offered in a repetitive fashion marks a cadence worthy of action.

Do you love reading?

Creating a quiet ambiance, elusively impending decadence to a room, channels energy away from a quiet corner to allow plenty of soothing comfort. Nature lovers abound in rooms with cozy nooks filled up with books, a lamp, and a comfy overstuffed chair. The use of warm soothing colors enhance the room.

A wealth of energy releasing brilliance can be achieved with welcoming colors of nature. Open up the corner with vivid hues found along nature's path, to create a natural affluence of resilient consolation. Spending an afternoon reclaiming your life with a book in a corner you designed for soothing comfort will bring meaning back to your life.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams in a home you design?

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