Different Cooking Techniques and Styles

A method that uses dry heat and causes caramelization on the food surface. It cooks large meat slowly about one to three hours and uses a more indirect and diffused heat. Food is placed on a rack or roasting pan and most often rotated to cook all sides evenly.

The method of cooking food with oil or fat that started in Egypt around 2500BC. It is further classified as: sauteing, stir frying, pan frying, shallow and deep frying. Both sauteing and stir frying only uses small amount oil, however stir frying uses high temperatures and requires food to be stirred constantly to avoid burning and sticking to cooking surface such as pan. Shallow frying that uses enough fat just to immersed part of the food while deep frying submerged all the food part into the oil.

This method is often known to be used in cooking or preparing breads, cakes, pastries, cookies and crackers or collectively known as baked goods sold at a bakery. It uses dry heat especially in an oven and produces a dry end product.

The method of cooking those subjects meat in a smoke filled environment with low temperatures over a long period of time. It creates heat and smoke by burning usually a wood. Some smokers do use charcoal and even propane.

The method of cooking food in a boiling water or other water based liquids such as milk. Boiling can damage delicious type of food such as fish but is suitable for meat and food that has shells such as eggs. This technique is also used when you prepare dishes with soup. It is related to simmering and poaching. The difference is that the first cooks foods in hot liquids but below the boiling point of water while the later uses a relatively higher temperature.

A technique that is related to roasting and smoking. Roasting because it also requires application of marinade, spice rub or baking sauce over the product to maintain its moisture and smoking because it is subjected to heat that produced smoke by burning woods or charcoals.

With the extensive range of cooking techniques, these are just a few examples of cooking methods that are common and are widely used.

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