Snow Boarding In Sierra Nevada Spain

Recently a group of friends booked ourselves on a bargain long weekend away in Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain. There were 8 of us going and we flew from London Stansted directly to Granada for less than one hundred pounds. We were going for the boarding and were not too interested in living it up in a posh hotel, but instead just required a place to lay our heads at night. We choose a hostel after reading very positive review online and confirmed that we would all have a private bathroom. When we arrived at the Hostel Suecia first impressions were simple but lovely. The rooms were a little on the small side, but very clean. The hostel itself was situated just off the main strip, perfect location.

Day 1: Feet finding day. We headed straight for a local Tapas bar to discuss our snow boarding plans for the weekend. Most of us had been snow boarding for years, the two people that were beginners we got them immediately booked into snow / ski school for the next three days. I willingly made myself group manager as I had been there before and having a good knowledge of the local area it made sense. I thought great this is going to be wicked. Lots of snow, lots of sun, not to mention the coolest boarders in town! We made plans for where we would ride for the week over a few glass of glue vines of course (lovely hot red wine drinks that sort you out good 'n' proper). Jump on boards and head off for a gentle burn around slopes.

Day 2: We were all improving fast and having an awesome time. 'This sure beats working' I thought. That evening was great, good fresh Spanish food, lots of hot chocolates with Contrieu (it taste just like a Terrys Chocolate Orange and is to die for) and compared to a normal night out with friends an early night as we were shattered from boarding all day.

Day 3: The best start to the day so far. Eight inches of snow overnight, clear blue skies and yet more lovely sun. Our destination the board park we can barely contain ourselves with excitement. So to the top of the mountain we go. I, as Group Manager, suggest we ride through the park first, see what they have got to offer and, gain an idea of ​​what we are all capable of. We take a few rails and kickers and get some 'decent air'. Back to the top and we are really improving on our styles'n'tecnics. Boy did we get some air that day.

Day 4: Sightseeing in Granada City for the day on route to the airport. First stop Alhambra Palace, directly from the Alhambra Palace we take a sightseeing bus tour, followed by a bite to eat at yet another fabulous Tapas Bar, then back to the airport, and home for midnight. I would highly recommend the Sierra Nevada Resort and it was certainly a weekend to remember forever.

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