Navigating the Web For Art Lovers

Location does not always lend a favor to art lovers – many of the world's great art exhibitions and artists are localized in certain big metropolises, too far for most people to travel to get a good dose of the current art scene. Luckily, there are all kinds of web-based art publications and portals to help keep in touch those who do not have physical access to the largest exhibitions, galleries, and museums. For those located in remote or rural areas, connecting to the outside world via satellite internet may be the best option to keep up to date with the goings-on in far-off places. From there, you need only know where to look.

Most major art publications have online versions of their magazines or journals. Artforum is one of the world's leading art publications, and has a very involved website featuring the magazine's regular columns, exhibition reviews, special web features, profiles of popular contemporary artists alongside up-and-comers, as well as sections for the best in film and music of interest to the art lover. With a speedy satellite broadband connection, Artforum, com visitors can also view new media by streaming videos.

New York Magazine and the New York Times Art section are some of the leading authorities on the art scene in the international center of culture. Log onto the corresponding websites to get a glimpse of what is new, what's old, and what's on its way. NY Arts Magazine is another leading arts publication, covering international exhibitions, art fairs, and exclusive museum shows. This particular site also features a detailed spread of the best current and upcoming gallery exhibitions around the world.

For contemporary art, web surfers should check out Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine online, where they can find the magazine's feature articles, plus regular columns and updated photo galleries showing art happenings, gallery openings, and featured artists at work. Juxtapoz even features an online shop, chock-full of graphic art, tees, and jackets, prints, stickers, books, plus mail-order current and back issues of the magazine. Sites like this also provide links to help you further connect with your favorite street artists, studios, and other independent publications. Born Magazine is another popular contemporary arts publication with a vibrant online version.

There are also several art podcasts available to art aficionados. Many museums sponsor podcasts, and you can subscribe for free to hear and see the latest news and special events from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. There are also programs covering art history, including the history of photography, as well as instructional podcasts specializing in crafts, Photoshop, animation, and photography.

Thanks to the advent of high-speed cable and satellite internet, art lovers in far-flung locations do not have to fall behind on the goings-on in today's fast-paced art world. By bookmarking your favorite art-related webpages and subscribing to news feeds, art aficionados can get quick, up to the minute updates on the most important art happenings, no matter how far away.

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