What Causes Physical Memory Dump?

I am sure you freak out when you computer screen suddenly turns blue and you see the error message that says "beginning of physical memory dump".

What do you do? Most people would just reboot the computer and pretend nothing happens. Some people want to know what happened and what they should do to fix it. It can be very daunting and stressful when you get the blue screen of death while doing important work. You would not have time to save it because it happens suddenly without any warnings. You must do the work all over again after rebooting.

What actually cause the physical memory dump?

  • DLL error
  • RAM Hardware Problems
  • Memory allocation error
  • COM error
  • HIVE crash

What should you do when it happens?

If it occurs because of your memory problem, then you should consider buying a new computer.

The ignorant way is doing a reboot and hopping that it does not happen again. The hard way is to address what caused the error and fix it manually. If it occurs because of your chaotic registry, you could find and fix it, which is very dangerous because one simple mistake can lead to a total error in your system. Reinstall your operation system might be a wiser decision to make.

The easy way is to pay a computer technician hundred of dollars to fix it for you. But in fact you could do what the technician would do to fix your computer; the wise way is to be a computer technician yourself. Did I say that you could actually do what a computer technician would do to fix your computer? Yes, it is very simple really. A technician uses a simple software to fix your registry.

If you could be the technician yourself and pay less to get the software that you can use forever, why would you pay a technician hundreds of dollars to fix it only one time for you?

You will want to do regular maintenance to keep your PC error-free so this problem never re-occurs again.

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