How to Become a Fantasy Football Phenom

The end of summer is near and the smell of Labor day barbecues are in the air. With football season just around the corner, it is time to sharpen your pencil to see who will be the star athletes of this year's fantasy football league.

How to become a Fantasy Football Phenom is a step by step guide mean to position you to get what you deserve, a fantasy football phenom. With a grand prize of $ 157.00, you will reap the wins and come put victorious.Year after year you have been at the bottom of the pile wen it comes to points and position. If you want to rocket to the winners circle, keep reading! This year you need to develop a new strategy and execute flawlessly so that you can get the accolades (and the money) you deserve.

The players on your roster from last year have now either retired, in jail or out for the season. The new rookies are still to be tested, and the veterans that beat you week after week are ready for your review and analysis. Follow the next 3 steps and you are on your way to becoming invincible on the fantasy grid iron.

Step1 – Preparation and Research are key !. You must digest the daily news, blogs and comments from the likes of ESPN, CNN and other organizations each and every day. The internet and Google are your friends. Your wife and kids will understand and support your quest for the $ 157.00. If not, they can be found at the in laws after the season.

Step2 – Knowledge is POWER! Be the one that has the inside scoop on every trade and injury report. Your mind must be a sponge as you scan various agencies to sweep your opponents. Your success will translate into their demise as they crash and burn during the season. The early bird gets the worm, and you are that Bird!

Step3 – Adhere to the 3 levels of Doom process.

  • Level 1 – Pick your wide receivers first. They are the ultimate secret weapon.
  • Level 2- Pick the quarterback next. If you pick the best wide receivers at the top of their game, it will allow you to pick a weaker quarterback. The quarterback can be less important for this reason.
  • Level 3 – Your last level is to pick the best running backs. The key factors to this position is speed and health. If your running back is fast and stays healthy, you are sure to be a winner week after week.

Once you have followed these 3 easy steps on how to become a fantasy football phenom , you will be leading the pack in no time. Once you receive your winnings, you can by all the guys a beer at your favorite tavern. Good Luck!

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