Food Glorious Food On Board The Carnival Glory

The Carnival Glory is 110,000 tons of glorious fun. The ship was built in 2002 and is the second in a series of Conquest class ships produced by Carnival Cruise Lines. This vessel has something for everyone whether young or old. For those seeking excitement and action or relaxation and peace this is the ship for you. Carnival Cruise Lines has mastered the art of entertaining and serving thousands at once.

Let’s start with the most talked about cruise experience of all, dining at sea. On the carnival Glory there are two formal dining rooms called the Platinum and the Golden. Upon boarding you will be assigned one of these with a specific dining time and table number. You are not obligated to eat here at any time however if you choose to dine in these dining rooms you must sit at your assigned table and arrive on time or you will not be allowed in. You may be seated with others or only with your traveling companion. Some love this aspect of dining on a cruise, getting to know new people , I do not as I am very shy and always request a table for only those that I travel with.

These two dining rooms serve a different menu each night with lobster being served on formal night which usually is takes place on the first day at sea with no port stop. There are usually 7 entrees to choose from, a chicken, a beef, a fish and a vegetarian selection. Anything you see as an entree can be prepared as an appetizer instead if you would like to just sample it. There are also at least 6 appetizers to choose from like chicken satay skewers or mississipi delta prawns. Caesar salad and garden salad are always on the menu. The dessert menu is scrumptious with treats such as tiramisu or key lime pie you are sure to find one to your liking. Dessert usually has 4 or 5 choices, one of them being low fat or sugar free.

There are several options for dining if you prefer to set your own schedule. The most formal of these is the upscale supper club called the Emerald room. This room is elegant with giant faux emeralds as the lighting fixtures. You can expect a leisurely dining experience of two to three hours at the Emerald room and the best quality of food and service anywhere at sea. For this privilege there is a small surcharge. Reservations are required so do that soon after boarding. On the first night of your sailing there will be a presentation in the Old Glory atrium lobby. Many people make their reservations at this time. You can have lobster at the supper club on any night as well as filet mignon, Russian caviar or lamb.

If you would rather just eat when you are hungry then the following are your options. Carnival is famous for their 24 hours pizzeria and the one on the Carnival Glory does not disappoint. Pizza slices or a whole pizza pie can be made to order as well as delicious calzones . Caesar salad is offered here as the perfect accompaniment. It is located at the ships aft otherwise known as the back.

The Redsail restaurant is at the back of the ship. There are several different food stations set up with their own category of food. This Lido restaurant dishes out a variety of ethnic foods such as Mexican or Italian or American BBQ daily for lunch and a sumptuous buffet for dinner. The Lido grill near the main pool serves hamburgers hot dogs and fries, salads and cold meat, a hit with the kids as always.

There is an asian food station that serves egg rolls and fried rice or noodles. Because the food here is cooked ahead of time and kept under warming lights it tastes much like mall food from a food court. Definitely not worth lining up for so if you must go do so during off peak hours not during meal times.

There is a deli where you can order deli standards like corned beef on rye or a bagel with cream cheese. There are 8 different sandwiches to choose from and all of them can be grilled if you like. Your deli sandwiches are made when you order them just how you like it so the lines are long. Go to the deli in the first two days of your cruise before the masses discover it and they wait will be shorter.

The best kept secret of the Carnival Glory is the fish and chips station inside of the Redsail restaurant. It is hidden on the second floor of the Redsail at the very back. Because of the location there is never a long lineup but the fish and chips are delicious. Calamari and oysters as well as tuna and some sort of fish soup or stew is also on the menu.

At several places around the Redsail you will find the ice cream and frozen yoghurt stations where you can make your own sundaes or cones from your choice of vanilla or chocolate, fat free or fat full. There is always one open 24 hours a day.

On the Kaleidescope boulevard there is a sushi bar where sushi but not sashimi, the raw fish kind, is offered from about 5pm until 8 pm. There is no charge for sushi so dig in. There are five kinds to choose from and chopsticks are provided as well as the usual sushi partners or pickled ginger and wasabi. There is never a wait for sushi though because it is located right beside the patisserie that serves pastries, cakes and specialty coffees for a fee. People assume that there is a fee for sushi as well.

Last but not least is room service. Room service is also included in your cruise fare but it is appropriate to tip a couple of dollars to the server who delivers it to your cabin. You can order a cornucopia of food from the room service menu. From salads to cookies and sandwiches with chips all are free. Drinks that you can order are juices and milk but not the lemonade or iced tea available in the dining room. You can pre-order breakfast to come in the morning with a pot of coffee to enjoy on your balcony.

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