The Heelys Little Kid-Big Kid Fray Skate Shoe: An Expert Review

One of the most popular brands of shoes today is Heelys, a brand of shoes that feature heel wheels that you can use to skate. There are various models of Heelys for boys as well as for girls, and you can definitely find a good one for you or your child. One of the best models that your child will love from this brand is the Heelys Little Kid / Big Kid Fray Skate Shoe. This is an in-depth review about this model.

General Description

If you're looking for a gorgeous model of Heelys for boys and also for girls, the Fray is perfect for kids of all sizes. There are small sizes for toddlers, middle sizes for pre-teens, and large sizes for adolescents. You can definitely find the perfect fit for your child. The unique characteristics of the Fray make it not only an excellent pair of roller shoes but also fashionable footwear. Like any other Heelys, the components of the Fray are perfectly designed to withstand constant abuse, abrasion, and contact with friction and rough surfaces. The rubber soles and the rubber protective toecap make this shoe excellent for everyday use, lasting even in the mid of continuous walking and skating. And with its stylish and cool looks, who would not want to skate in these?

The wheel of the shoe is rated ABEC 1 which is a rating system used by bearing manufacturers. However, the rating does not actually affect the quality of the wheel when it comes to skating. The wheel is perfectly devised to make you skate when you put your weight on your boots, and with proper use, the wheels on your Heelys can last for a long time. You do not have to replace them often, and the wheels of your Heelys can also be removed if you want to wear the shoes just for the sake of fashion.


The characteristics which make the Fray unique are the distracted canvas which make the shoe look more rugged and street fit. The upper collar is padded for a more comfortable fit so you will not feel pain or discomfort when you're skating with these shoes. The trademark Heelys Wave Comfort Heel Bracket is designed to provide comfort and stability so that even if you've been skating on your heels for a long time, you will not feel pain in your feet. The insoles of the Fray are made of latex and there is also a bracket pad to make it more comfortable to wear. The extra durable construction of the shoes are vulcanized, making the Ninja Grip treat and rubber toecap very sturdy and resistant to chipping or detaching from the base of the fabric.


There are several colors which you can choose from if you want to get the Fray. There's the classic all-black model that's perfect for both boys and girls but it has a more masculine appeal that's just right for any kind of adolescent. There's also a more feminine color of black with a touch of pink on the logo, laces, tongue, and side rubber padding. A gray version of the Fray has blue and white accents on the logo, laces, tongue, and side rubber padding, and it also has blue wheels. The cream Fray has an orange lining on the sides and an orange logo with white rubber soles, toecap, and side padding and white laces. There's also a plain white Fray with white wheels which is a very cool model for both boys and girls. A brown version of the Fray has a dark brown canvas, light brown logo and lining on the sides, and white laces.


One of the biggest problems when you use Heelys is that you do not get the real momentum of skating. It's difficult to skate on the heels alone, and you do not get to travel far with just one push of the heel. Heelys are only used for short-distance skating and not for real sports skating purposes. Also, Heelys wheels can easily break if affected by very hard surfaces like rough roads and big stones, so your area of ​​skating is limited to smooth paved roads where you can wheel around without obstructions.


There are a lot of Heelys for boys and for girls alike, but the Heelys Little Kid / Big Kid Fray Skate Shoe is one great model that your child will definitely love. It's comfortable, stylish, and easy to use, that's why I highly recommend this pair of skates for all young boys and girls.

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