Show Sexy Style With Beautiful Chemises

Chemises are among the most flexible of sexy lingerie. A chemise can be worn as a beautiful and soft undergarment, or dressed up with a matching jacket and skirt to serve as an elegant top. Of course, the chemise has also found a home in the bedroom, offering style and comfort as well as sex appeal. Chemises have been in use as undergarments since the Middle Ages, but only in recent times have they morphed into the sexy lingerie items that they are today.

Historically, chemises were worn as undergarments to protect outerwear items from absorbing sweat and body oils. In the days before easy laundering, the chemise was the only item that was washed on a regular basis. At that time, chemises often featured sleeves and were made of simple, durable fabrics that could be easily washed. Naturally, the rich bore chemises of higher quality and beauty, but the chemise was not designed to be seen in public. Both men and women wore these functional chemises, which served much the same purpose as today's men's undershirts.

As laundry was made easier to manage, the garment was no longer needed as a protective layer and it fell out of favor in the early 20th century. However, a new fashionable and provocative version was soon developed, and the chemise has remained popular ever since as a piece of sexy lingerie.

The chemises of today have much in common with both the babydoll and the camisole. Chemises are generally short, tight and sleeveless, offering full yet minimal coverage under revealing dresses and skirt outfits. A camisole is generally shirt-length, ending at the waist. A separate slip must be paired with a camisole to provide full coverage. A chemise, on the other hand, extends to the top of the thigh. Therefore, a slip is rarely required.

Babydolls are usually of very similar style and fabric to chemises. However, the babydoll skirt is usually flared, while the chemise is fitted and skimming. Both garments offer excellent sleepwear alternatives, but the unique cut of the chemise makes it a terrific multi-purpose garment, moving seamlessly from undergarment to nightgown. Babydolls also tend to feature numerous decorative elements such as ribbons, bows and fur trim. Most chemises are more streamlined, drawing beauty than simplicity rather than frills.

Many chemises of today are decidedly naughty lingerie pieces. Plunging necklines and fitted construction offer great sex appeal. Popular fabrics include lace and silk. Consider a dimming chemise made of see-through material, or a more demure piece in a dark opaque. Many chemises feature cutouts and other design elements that are designed to show off certain areas of the body.

Chemises are truly multi-purpose, a rare feat in the specialized world of sexy lingerie. A great chemise offers the beauty and simplicity of a camisole, the sleepwear function of a babydoll and the body enhancing features of a teddy or bodysuit. The soft, sensuous fabrics and beautiful cuts provide a rich and luxurious feel. The wide variety of design and color choices ensures that no matter what image you wish to project, there is certain to be a chemise that will meet your needs.

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