Replacing RV Water Pumps; Do it Yourself ShurFlo Remove and Installation

Water is one of the most important things for human life and when you are touring the country in a Recreational Vehicle you must consider that you will need water. Usually water is delivered when hooked up in an RV park by a garden hose into your coach. When you are dry camping you have a fresh water storage tank on board and you use that instead.

Of course then you must have a water pump usually usually electric in most all RVs to get the water to your shower and faucets. Unfortunately, these little temperamental devices, electric water pumps, do not last forever.

Some think it is planned obsolescence and sometimes some of that does go into the quality of the manufacturing considered in their designs, but the facts are that there will come a time that you need to replace your in-electric electric water pump.

The most common pumps for RVs are the Shurflo models, which put out low volumes of water to help you not burn through your water supply too fast. Replacing your water pump should not be too difficult and I recommend doing this yourself.

Water pumps seem to last about 1.5 years before needing replacement and they are relatively simple to install. I recommend installing a new one when you RV fresh water storage tanks are empty to help prevent dynamic pressure from flooding your work area during the removal and installation process.

Your new Shurflo pump will run you about $ 70.00 retail and has installation instructions. As you pull the wires off the old unit tape them to one side or the other so you can remember which came off where and match them to the corresponding places when you install the new one.

Remove wires first and put them on the new one last. Take the outlet hose off second and the inlet hose off the old unit last. Upon installation install the inlet hose first then the outlet fittings, make sure they are not leaking and then install the wires and test the system. Good luck on your install.

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