What's the Deal With Organic?

People often ask me if eating all organic is really necessary. The truth is
it is impossible to do and really only an ideal. I like to use the term
"organic" in many cases just because the word "natural" has been cheapened by
the food industry.

Corporations are now allowed to put the term "natural" on products that are
not natural at all and even contain chemicals.

My message is a simple one. Free your self of processed foods, chemicals and
medicines and you will enjoy a better quality of life. If you could afford to eat
exclusively organic this would be wonderful but is not practical for most people.

Clients and friends often ask me about whey protein and other chemical
supplements. I tell them to take the money they would spend on these supplements
and instead buy fish, meats or chicken and cook, portion and freeze them to make
convenient whole-food supplements. If these were organic this would be the best,
but if they are not than it is still far better than processed food or chemical

I have many excellent recipes and strategies in my book, the Organic Body, that make
using healthy whole foods easier than you think. In my book I have my top food
picks for muscle, the "Organic Bodybuilding Diet", food and supplement
recommendations by brand, and much more links and information that will change
your life. The TRUTH can be shocking sometimes; it took me a while to absorb it

My goal is to help people learn the TRUTH so they can achieve their health
and fitness goals. You do not need man made, processed foods or chemical
supplements and drugs to achieve your fitness goals. Banish these things from
your life today and enjoy a new freedom and happiness!

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