4 Tips For Buying Car


Car dealers are desperate in this economy. They are not selling a lot of cars, so they want to make as much money as possible on the cars they do sell.

Do not let them take advantage of you . They sit in sales meetings and come up with every conceivable scenario. You can be sure that they are prepared for you from the moment you step on the lot until the moment you drive off. Are you prepared for them? These 4 tips for buying a car could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

1. Beware of the "Doc" fee – This fee is basically a way for them to get 200-500 dollars from you. There is no need for this fee, but according to them it is not negotiable. Remember that everything is negotiable. You are the one buying the car and if they will not drop the fee, do not buy the car.

2. Beware the lease – It sounds like a great deal when they are laying it out on the table … but wait until you see the charges that they'll put on you.

3. Finance Charges – Finance charges are how a dealership can make up a lot of ground on a deal. No matter how much you haggle, you might lose it all back on an outrageous financing deal. You do NOT have to finance at the dealership! You can use your personal bank. Do not forget this and let your bank work for you.

4. "No-haggle" dealerships – Are these dealerships finally changing the car industry? No. They are brilliant media tools designed to prey on people's fear of haggling. People go to these dealerships and lose thousands of dollars, and feel glad that they did not have to haggle! Do not throw your money away.

I really hope that my article, "4 tips for buying car" will help you to save money.


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