Reasons Why the Citizen AT4010-50E Is a Great Buy for Anyone

The Citizen AT4010-50E mens wristwatch.

Citizen mens watches are well known for the style and quality that they offer, and the Citizen AT4010-50E is certainly no exception.

The style is evident in the first glance as the titanium case and titanium bracelet stand out and make the watch look quite stunning.

This beautiful watch has lots of great extras that propel it into the upper echelons of the watch world. Of course, it has all the features you would expect of a modern day wristwatch including Eco-drive, solar quartz chronograph, perpetual calendar and atomic timekeeping. This is possibly one of the most basic, but important things a watch must do, and is often overlooked by lesser makes. While it’s great to have so many great features on a watch, if it keeps running slow or fast, you’ll soon lose patience with it.

Whilst the current trend in mens watches is of oversized watches, by comparison, the Citizen AT4010-50E is relatively standard with a case diameter of 42 millimeters. This reinforces the timeless style that all Citizen watches offer, as long after the oversized watches have become unfashionable and faded into obscurity, your Citizen AT4010-50E will still look stunning and be appreciated wherever you go.

The Citizen At4010-50E is one of a range sometimes referred to as Citizen chrono at, or Citizen eco mens watches

Another of the great features of the AT4010-50E is that it is water resistant to a depth of 200 meters. That is not to say that you would want to use if you were constantly diving, but it’s good to know that should it get wet for whatever reason it won’t fail on you.

The black dial gives the AT4010-50E a classy look, and it has a screw back case, while the strap is a fold over clasp with double push button.

The AT4010-50E also has an alarm, a power reserve indicator, as well as being radio controlled in five time zones. Another great feature that while not essential, will certainly prove useful should you do any travelling.

The Citizen AT4010-50E is not the only Citizen titanium mens watch available, but is one of their best. You can buy Citizen watches online at numerous outlets nowadays, but be sure to look around, because there can be quite a difference in price. Like any kind of shopping that involves a decent amount of change, it’s important that you check your reviews, and prices before committing to buy.

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