The Limitless Dress – Perfect For Any Occasion

There’s a reason it’s called “the limitless dress” – it can go anywhere. For ages, our mothers always told us to make sure to have at least one “little black dress”. Something fairly simple that could be dressed up or down, in a material that wasn’t too dainty, and something that could be unpacked and worn immediately, without too much preening.

Some of these little black dresses are so classic that a dress from 1950 can be worn today – and no one would be able to tell the wearer hadn’t just picked it out that afternoon from a rack at Neiman’s. Classic styling matched with quality tailoring will last for decades.

A knee length dress offers many possibilities. Pearls can set one mood, diamonds another. Flats, heels or even stiletto heeled boots are also options. Longer tea length dresses can be perfectly matched with sandals, flats, or even cowboy boots!

Along with the perfect little black dress, there are even newer options when it comes to one dress with limitless styling options and functionality. Victoria’s Secret has introduced some styles that come in bright colors, comfortable fabrics and can be actually be worn many ways, opening up a wide range of styling possibilities.

One particular dress can be worn strapless with a wide belt. Or, take off the belt and use it as a shawl. Pull up one side of the dress and drape it over your shoulder for a gladiator look.

Another style is the simple sleeveless sheath. Black can go anywhere but even reds and bright blues are popping up at the office as well as formal evening affairs. Accessories such as the shoes, jewelry and even a cover up will set the mood. Sometimes a simple change from a sweater to a Pashmina can take the exact same outfit from lunch at the mall to dinner with VIP clients at the club.

But the limitless dress has entered a new era as the world is being introduced to multi functional clothes and dresses. It used to be that we ‘could’ wear a limitless dress at any occasion but of course we didn’t since we usually don’t want to wear the same dress twice, at least not to the same crowd.

But that has changed. Now you can get a piece of clothing that is truly limitless as you can change your outlook and style in just seconds. With a few twists and tugs you simply change your casual work outfit to an elegant evening dress. Yes, it truly marks a new era for the limitless dress.

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