Men's Fashion Rings – Top Ring Trends

One of the fastest growing types of fashion jewelery in recent years has been men's fashion rings. With celebrities like David Beckham propelling rings for men into the limelight, we've seen them enjoying a huge surge in popularity.

And while men's fashion rings are popular in the celebrity circuit, male-oriented fashion jewelery is not limited to hip-hoppers or sportsmen with diamond studs in both ears. In fact, there are not many jewelry manufacturers and brands that have not launched their own men's ranges in recent years.

But what makes a good ring for a man? And what are the trends in men's rings that are currently in vogue?

o First of all, it has to be said that the fashion for men's rings does not tend to change as much as for women. The basic tension is for rings designed for men to be thicker, wider and larger than women's rings.

o Hot metals include titanium, platinum, stainless steel and of course silver. Titanium is both lightweight and strong, so perfect for men who do not want to be taking their ring on and off all the time and who lead an active male lifestyle. Tungsten is also pretty robust, but note that it is so hard it's impossible to re-size once you have it.

o There are some classic features and designs that are popular year after year. Simple lines and stripes are always a winner, though this year we're seeing sharp right-angled shapes making it big; we're talking about squares and other masculine geometric shapes used in abstract form on men's rings.

o Precious stones can seem flash, and a little too mafioso. This is a style of fashion jewelery that most men are best avoiding.

o Big is good in 2009/10. Oversized jewelry is not to everyone's taste, but with the right outfit, guys can make a real statement with an oversized ring. But do not mix with a heavy watch or other statement pieces or you'll risk looking like Mr T.

o When it comes to color, black and silver are bankable styles that rarely go out of fashion. The basic rule is: keep it simple and you will not go wrong.

o There are new and exciting materials being used in men's fashion rings. These include black natural seeds mixed with silver for a striking look. Bone, Wood and other materials with a tribal accent are also a hot trend. Chunky wood, or natural seed rings in the shape of the traditional signet ring offer a modern twist on older themes.

o Silver jewelry was once considered effeminate, but has become a classic material used in men's fashion rings. Silver is great to express a man's sensitive side, and a chunkier style can finish a man's outfit perfectly without compromising his sense of masculinity.

Men's rings are growing in popularity, and if you're unsure about what styles work for men, just follow these easy steps for ring happiness!

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