Golf Fitness Exercises For Your Long Iron Shots

Golf fitness exercises can be very beneficial in improving the area of ​​long iron shots into the green. Long iron shots can some of the most difficult golf shots in the game. They require the development of power and pin point accuracy. Learn how you can improve your long iron shots with some simple golf fitness exercises.

Your long irons are typically used for those second shots on par 5's as well as long par 3's. These shots require pinpoint accuracy, possible shaping of the ball flight, and distance control, quite a lot to ask out of your swing when looking at the pin from quite a distance back.

Assuming you are in the fairway or sitting from the tee box, long iron shots can be very difficult to execute, sitting from the rough makes it even more difficult. The reasons for this are many such as the longer shafts requiring you to draw the club through a longer range of motion on the correct swing plane.

This all requires exact timing, tempo, as well as the correct sequencing of the swing. Often times the amateur struggles with one or all three of these concepts with the longer irons, and it is easy to understand why this is the case. Essentially, there is more room for error in every phase of the swing from take-away, backswing, downswing, and into impact.

To assist the amateur in the execution of long iron shots, we must first understand some of the basic components required of the body in the execution of these shots. First and foremost long iron shots require you to draw the club through a large range of motion. In order for the body to accomplish this task a certain amount of flexibility is required. Flexibility will allow you to make a full shoulder turn, maintain a fixed spine angle, and provide you the opportunity to sequence the golf swing correctly.

In addition to drawing the club through a large range of motion, long iron shots require tempo. Tempo allows for the mechanics of the golf swing to be sequenced correctly, and in order for your golf swing to have nice tempo balance is required. Balance in relation to the body is a combination of both your nervous and muscular systems. It is the interaction of both these systems working efficiently and effectively to execute the mechanisms of the golf swing.

Finally, long iron shots require the development of clubhead speed. Clubhead speed as we all know is power, and power is developed by both the mechanics of your swing and body. Increasing the power outputs by the muscles of your body will enhance the clubhead speed of your long iron shots.

This short list of the physical requirements of the body for long iron shots should allow you to see how important the body is in the execution of these shots. To begin the process of assisting you in the execution of your long iron shots let us start at the top of this list with flexibility. More times than not the amateur golfer lacks the flexibility within their body to execute long iron shots correctly. This causes a myriad of problems resulting in changes of the swing plane during the execution of these shots.

We are well aware long iron shots require a full shoulder turn in which your spine angle places fixed. In order to execute this move correctly a large degree of flexibility is required within the hips. If you are lacking in flexibility within this area of ​​the body, a full shoulder turn can be very difficult to execute.

A few of my favorite golf fitness flexibility exercises for your hips are; iron crosses, rotators, as wells as openers. All of these golf exercises can improve the flexibility in your hips. Giving you the opportunity to hit your long iron shots with power and accuracy. Each of these golf fitness exercises listed above can be very beneficial for your long irons as well as your over all swing. Keep in mind the connection between the body and swing.

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