Control Premature Ejaculation Tonight

If you've come to this article sometimes it was through a mad last minute Google search as you just scored a date with a hot gal or you've been seeing an amazing woman and tonight looks to be, "the night". You've wanted to control premature ejaculation through proven techniques and exercises but you kept putting it off and off and off and now you're forced with a real dilemma: Tonight could very well be the big night and you're not ready to be able to control premature ejaculation just yet. Here's a quick surefire solution to get you through the night.

I'll cut right to the chase as your big date may only be hours, or for you desperate procrastinators, minutes away. Remember this is a quick fix to get you through the night, and you have to promise yourself that after this you'll invest in researching the easy, long term solutions, which involve technique and exercise. But lets control premature ejaculation tonight …

The New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills, the Detroit Lions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers … I'll get back to these in a minute … First it's important to act calm and cool when the time comes. Focus on foreplay. You want to try to obtain the right mix of turning your partner on enough, while at the same time not over exciting yourself. But when it's time, it's time and now we will really need to control premature ejaculation pronto.

The Oakland Raiders, the Seattle Seahawks, the Cleveland Browns … Alright, where am I going with this? Well when "it's time" and you begin to engage, and you need to control premature ejaculation asap, then I want you to immediately begin to go through the entire names of NFL football teams. Please, stick with me here, this has worked wonders for me and was the difference between utterly dissapointing nights, and successfully pleasing the woman nights. Basically what you are doing is giving the mind something else to focus on while basically putting the penis on autopilot. I do not want to get to heavy on the mechanisms of how it all works because frankly I'm not sure, I just know it does work, and I know the football team name game is the one of the best ways to make it work, and will control premature ejaculation.

Continue going through as many NFL teams as you can. When you can not think of any others, you can either quickly switch over to College ball, or else you can continue diving deer into NFL stats if you're efficient in such, or else try to name the starting quarter backs for each team . Have a bit of a game plan before hand, for instance start with the team names, and then think of a follow up list to go through and so forth.

Like I said, this is a definite quick fix to control premature ejaculation, and has worked very well for me in the past. Now it is by no means a long term solution, and one of the obvious drawbacks is the fact that your having sex while trying to think what teams the Steelers lost to last season! The enjoyment level is taken down a notch or two, but that can all be remedied through proven long term control premature ejaculation methods. For now I put this method out there to get you through the night and get a temporary cure to control premature ejaculation.

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