Paws Down Designer Dog Collars Are a Doggie Fashion Must

Designer dog collars are just one of the many accessories that have become a necessity for every pampered pet's wardrobe. Although it is important for your dog's collar to look good but it's also equally important that their collar is functional and made of quality materials. It's often overlooked that the true purpose of a dog's collar is for both safety and training purposes and having a collar that is purely for aesthetic reasons is simply not practical or safe. When you are trying to maintain control of your dog, it is vital that when you are out in public with your dog or working on a training technique with your dog that you have control and that that requires equipment that you can depend on.

These days you can find collars and leads with almost any style, color, material or jewel that suits your fancy. If you want a good old fashioned leather collar, you'll have plenty to choose from. On the opposite end, if you want your dog to sparkle and opt for rhinestones and bling, the options are limitless. It also allows you to find a dog collar that is comfortable and fits your dog correctly and supports the needs of what you are wanting to use it for. It's really important to make sure that you get the right size, style, material, color and more to be sure that you give your dog the best overall comfort and protection.

The first step in choosing dog collars is deciding what you will be using it for. Is it going to be for walking, training, identification or just for fun and everyday wear? If you will be choosing a collar for identification and basically everyday wear, then you need to choose a collar that does not easily get dirty and that will be comfortable for everyday wear such as nylon or leather. If you are choosing a collar for walking, you will want to make sure that you choose a nice strong collar or perhaps a harness. Either way, make sure your dog is not able to wiggle their way out and again it needs to be comfortable and safe. The most popular choices for walking are leather, hemp and nylon. Be sure to try on the harness for proper fit before you purchase it and make sure it does not rub your dog too tight anywhere.

You may also be choosing a training collar to teach your dog obedience or behavioral training. There are many choices in this section and some of them controversial such as pinch collars and choker chains. However, if you know how to use these collars properly and humanely as training tools, they can be quite effective. The key is they must be used properly or you can actually hurt the dog if you do not know what you're doing. If you are interested in these types of collars, get help from a trainer first. Now if you're looking for an alternative training collar that's less severe that are made of nylon and leather and are used with a lead.

If you're all about the fun and completely about your style and your dog's look, then you definitely want to look at a designer dog collar. A good place to start is by distinguishing between boy and girl dogs and then you can narrow your selection by thinking about what colors my look good with your dog's coloring. Remember, even though it's for fun, it still needs to be a quality dog ​​collar and comfortable.

Do not get too caught up in matching your dog's coat, this is for fun, go crazy. You can choose from rhinestones, metal studs, precious metals, stones, crystals, jewels and even diamonds, not to mention the multiple selections of materials, textures and colors you can choose from. Dog collars are a necessary expense that all dog lovers are will to make to ensure not only the safety of their dogs but to make sure their pampered pups are making their own unique fashion statement. Because when it comes down to it, paws down, it's all about the style and individuality of you and your dog!

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