Wall Fountains

Dramatically enhance the ambience of any room by installing wall fountains. Elegant and yet contemporary, there are few better ways to decorate the rooms than with wall fountains. Just select a corner, a wall in your home or office and add the rippling effect of water to make it come to life. And why only the rooms, these fountains look good outside in the garden too.

Businesses, hotels, homes, restaurants, convention centers … wall fountains are today to be found everywhere. They are available in a wide variety of materials, finishes, shapes, sizes, styles and prices. So you are sure to find one that is just right for your particular wall. Many also prefer to custom make their wall fountains – the ones for offices can sport the name of the company. And the fountains for homes can have your or your family's name on it.

Where can you wall fountains in the office? The reception or the lounge is a good place. Many bog companies that have a lot of visitors do this and it impresses people immediately. Other good places include the pantry and the conference room. The Chairman's room or that of the Director's too has such fountains, and they sure look great there. There are fountains that are both decorative and functional and let people relax beside them and enjoy the calming effects of rippling water.

But increasingly, more and more people are getting wall fountains for their homes too. Modern homes have less space and so, they are opting for wall fountains instead of floor fountains. Just imagine you sitting in the couch in the living room, and there is a fountain on the opposite wall. It is sure to look thrilling, and add another dimension to the d├ęcor. There are a few better ways to build up the ambience of any room. Some even prefer to install them in the bedroom.

Installing wall fountains is easy and hassle free too. And most manufactures will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to do it yourself – no professional help is needed. But be sure that you know enough about maintenance and how to take care of your wall fountains because you want them to look perfect and work smoothly.

So go ahead and pick a place where you want to mount your wall fountains. Will a narrow panel look good, or should you go for a larger one to cover up the space on the wall?

There are some wall fountains that are hand crafted while others are illuminated, adding a magical effect to the surroundings. The built in lighting advances the natural glow of the material that can be slate, marble, bronze, copper, glass, granite and others too.

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