How to Use Small Candy Bins to Enhance a Storefront

It is easy to see how small candy bins could easily go overlooked by retailers who are looking to improve the looks of their storefronts. They are small, and one could wonder how they could even hold enough to be considered useful. However, there are actually a lot of benefits for store managers to reap from them, including organization, display, and increased profits. In fact, when it is really considered, many stores have decided to employ them due to their subtlety let effectiveness.

Let's face it: impulse purchases are a huge way to increase sales in any business. There are many ways to go about setting up an "impulse purchase" display, such as a rack of magazines or shelves of candy. However, see-through small candy bins put items display right on the countertop, eliminating the need to draw the customer's eye elsewhere. This is where they will already be looking, and when filled with bright-colored novelty items, the containers become eye-catching and appealing.

Furthermore, these containers are a great way to get rid of clearance items. For example, in a candy store, the manager may decide to close out certain types of candies. There are too few of these left to give them their own display, but surely they should not be wasted. As a solution, they can be placed in bins on the counter with a sign displaying how cheap they are, or the employees could make up mixed bags of closeout candy and sell them for a flat price that no one can refuse.

They are not just great for impulse purchases, though. Many of these bins can be placed side-by-side in several rows to create an organized display of wholesale candy. Candy like this does not always come wrapped, or if so, they are sold by individual pieces. Each type of candy can go in a different bin, and it will be easy for a customer to mix and match his or her candy without missing one of their favorites due to disorganization.

An extremely useful benefit of these bins is that they can be ordered with different colored lids. This is a great tool for buffet-style mix-and-match candy sales. Signs can be posted that candies with matching lids can be paired in the same bag since they are the same price. This is a great way to avoid confusion and disorganization and will be a huge load off the employee's shoulders – they will not have to explain the rules to every customer who enters the store.

Also great is the fact that these bins can be ordered with scoops that are held on the side of the bin. This will prevent customers from using their bare hands to take the candy out of the bins. Customers will be pleased with the sanitary steps the store has taken because it shows that the owners care for the well-being of the customers. Since each bin has its own holster for the scoop, it also helps to not get sugar or sprinkles from one candy into the bin of another, preserving the freshness and taste.

Candy store managers have little reason not to utilize small candy bins for their countertops and in general. Although they may seem too small to have a true impact, it is smaller containers that contribute to true organization and separation of items that are small and unwrapped. It is also a great way to demonstrate to customers which candies can be mixed and which can not through the employment of color-coded lids. Employees and customers alike will enjoy the upgrade.

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