Spot Cleaners

We all use carpet spot removers to get rid of those tough stains. It is important that we use the correct product to remove those stains. Here are some things to watch out for.

Select a cleaning product that no one in your family has any allergies to. All cleaning products list the ingredients. Be mind full of youngger children. If your baby is an infant ensure you get all those chemicals out of the carpet and that the spot has fully discharged before letting your child crawl on the floor. This is true for pets as well.

Before using any new product on a spot be sure and test it out. Go to a hidden place on the carpet like the corner of a closet and test the product out. Those cheap products from the dollar store will most likely stain. Only after testing the product can you know what damage it will do. If you are unsure call up the manufacturer and ask what products are approved.

When selecting a cleaning product ensure it is one that disinfects. You want to kill any bacteria so it will not grow and cause health issues. It is important to read the product label. It will tell you if it disinfects.

Not all products should be used for the same situation. Resolve carpet cleaner does work great for regular spills but does not always do a good job on pet urine. For specific spices like urine you should use a cleaner that is designed for cleaning urine.

Be-sure to follow the directions for using the product. Do not vary from the directions. If it says spray once do not spray it five or six times. When using any cleaning product be sure the area is properly ventilated. Open up a window if you need to. Do not have children or pets in the room when using cleaning products. Birds are easily affected by chemicals so if you own a bird place it temporarily in another room.

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