California Real Estate Investing – How to Make Money

California is no doubt the Golden State of the United States. The state's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the largest in the country, and it's only behind seven countries' in the world. Now, does not that speak volumes for the money making potential this state possesses? This is why California joins thousands in search for a better living. And therefore, California real estate investing can be considered as an all profit, no loss proposition.

Real estate investing is a major decision that requires judicious planning. Specifically, you must know when to buy or sell. This can be ascertained by analyzing the trends in the real estate market that, fortunately, are rather predictable relative to the volatile stock market. Following are a few tips and key indicators that will help you make profit through California real estate investing.

Mortgage rates govern the degree of involvement of buyers in the real estate market. Buyers tend to hold back when mortgage rates increase. For instance, a slight increase in mortgage interest rates from year 2005 to 2006 may have put off a few buyers from making any deals.
The number of home sales completed is another figure to watch out for – the higher the better. A decrease in the number of buyers is a telltale sign of an imminent slump in the market.
Another factor that you would want to consider during California real estate investing is the number of building permits issued. Here again, the higher the issued building permits, the higher the demand for houses. And since, the higher your chances of making money.

Location is a paramount factor in the real estate business. As far as California is concerned, the closer it is to the beach, the more expensive the property will be. But on the brighter side, the greater appreciation it will experience in due course. For instance, a single-family home in central San Francisco would cost around $ 1,300,000. So, if you have that kind of money there is nothing like California real estate investing.

California has in store a lot for the small investor as well. Investors, for whatever a beachfront property looks too farfetched, may look to invest in real estate in Los Angeles and San Diego. Single-family homes in these cities have relatively lower rates of around $ 750,000.

All in all, California real estate investing is an ideal choice for real estate investors – be small or big, novice or veteran.

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