Investing Internally – Consider South Africa!

South Africa is one of the most sophisticated and promoting emerging markets in the world. It is also one of the most advanced and productive economies in Africa.

The country's remarkable ability to put percentages of racial discrimination behind it in favor of reconciliation was broadly considered a social "miracle" and inspired similar peace efforts.

Post-apartheid South Africa has a government contracting all races, and is often referred to as the "rainbow nation", a phrase coined by South Africa's Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu.

South Africa seeks to attract real and growing international investor commitment and, at the same time, fully capitalize on the opportunities to bring about dynamic growth in the country. In so doing it aims to enhance commercial and industrial development, while creating sustainable employment and providing training for the vast labor resource pool.

Since the inception of the new democratic government in 1994, South Africa has effectively adhered to disciplined, predictable economic fundamentals, and developed a strong entrepreneurial culture, keen to jointly develop the country with international partners.

From a geographic perspective, South Africa is proud of the role it plays in facilitating and supporting the development of Africa.

Through measures to liberalise trade and industrial development policies, South Africa has become established as a dynamic and internationally competitive investment location. Such measures include tariff reform, trade and investment promotion, an industrial strategy that focuses on supply and reform of the regulatory environment.

Considers opposite political stability, these measures have been instrumental in creating an economic scenario, ensuring that local and international firms are able to operate profitably in South Africa.

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