Amazing Clothing That Stops Body Odour

Collectively we spend a fortune on personal hygiene products to combat body odor, you can buy products that mask the smell, applications that absorb sweat and even products that stop your natural production of sweat, but did you know that you can now buy clothing that prevails body odour and the main ingredient is bamboo!

Making clothing that prevails odour has been a goal for many top manufacturers for some years now with the aim to manufacture textiles that prevent bacteria from cultivating on the fabric, which produce odor. Clothes with antibacterial treatments are available now but these chemical treatments can cause skin allergies and washing reduces their effectiveness. Clothing made from bamboo fiber however is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic so even people with sensitive skin or allergies can wear bamboo and benefit from its natural antibacterial qualities.

A study by the CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Center) showed that after introducing bacteria to a sample of bamboo fabric a 99.8% reduction in bacteria occurred over a 24-hour period. Another study by The Japan Textile Inspection Association showed that bamboo fabric could eliminate over 70% of introduced bacterium over a 24-hour period even after 50 industrial wash cycles.

How does it work?

Because the fabric is made from pulped bamboo, which contains 'bamboo Kunh' a substance found in all bamboo species that kills bacteria on contact, clothing made from bamboo amazingly retains this same bacteria killing quality. So not only will bamboo fabric kill bacteria on your skin, preventing odor but it will also resist yeast, mold and fungus cultivation. A study of 50 patients suffering from athlete's foot showed that after 2-5 days wearing bamboo socks, all 50 patients symptoms had disappeared.


The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber can be used not only for sport and fitness apparel helping to keep you comfortable and fresh but also for many other applications including: hospital gowns, wound dressing, feminine hygiene products, bathroom towels all of which benefit greatly from the natural antibacterial nature of bamboo.

So if you want to stay smelling freshly naturally without the need for deodorants, wear clothing made from bamboo!

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