The Happy Child Guide Reviews

Every parent's main goal is to raise a happy, polite, well-educated and healthy child. Every parent also knows that this can be far from easy, at times. Parents, as with all people, need a little bit of help at times. The Happy Child Guide by Dr. Blaise Ryan – Chief Medical Advisor, Child Brain Health Research Institute and Ashley Olivia Ryan can be the perfect solution to those times when a parent has questions or just is not sure where to go to next when their child is not acting in the most desirable of ways.

Parents and adults know a lot about stress, however, many do not realize that children are also under a lot of stress in their everyday lives. Not only do they feel their own day-to-day stress with school, peers, social and personal issues, but the stress that their parents feel also resonates to them. This build up can often lead to explosive outputs such as melt-downs, temper tantrums, fighting, deceiving actions and many other undesirable behavior issues. The Happy Child Guide addresses this issue, as well as many other issues that effect children and leads to the possible reasons why they act the way they act, feel and behave.

Many issues can lead to how your child reacts and acts. Diet, exercise, television, the amount of sleep they receive, how you, as a parent, act and react and whether or not you respect your child. Children learn by example and if you, as a parent, are not acting responsibly and in a desirable way, chances are your children will not either. The Happy Child Guide is an irreplaceable guide and reference to help parents learn the most effective ways to discipline, communication, positive ways to gain control and turn undesirable behavior into desirable behavior, as well as common "mistakes" that may actually cause more harm than good and ways to get your child to truly listen to what you are saying and to cooperate with you. The Happy Child Guide is written in a way that will not feel as though the reader is being "lectured", but in a way that is enjoyable, helpful and uplifting. This is a perfect book for any parent, teacher and / or child caregiver. This is a guide that will actually bring about positive results for both the child and adult, bringing about a happier, healthier and more harmonious lifestyle for all concerned, and who does not want that?

Being a parent is a joy and an honor. However, facing misbehavior and unruliness by your child can make it feel anything but, at times. The methods that have been tried, true and tested within The Happy Child Guide will bring the joy of parenting back, allowing you to embrace it, rather than stress about it. The tips within this guide will give parents back the leisure and time of loving and enjoying their children, time that may have previously spent stressing about misbehavior and unwanted actions and endless arguing, leading to nowhere but more unhappiness on both parent and child's part.

No, children do not come with an instruction guide, however with the help of The Happy Child Guide , parenting can be made so much easier, every step of the way.

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