Types of Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are used in order to attract attention to the products or services offered by a company. Types of trade show displays come in varied range of sizes, styles and costs. The various types of trade show displays include pop-up displays, table top panels, banner stands and literature racks.

Pop-up displays are made from materials like fabric, plastic, or vinyl. They contain one or multiple graphic images. They are either available in versions that are either tabletop or floor display. The benefits of pop-up trade show displays are their convenience to use, simplicity of both set-up and tear-down and also their ease of transportation. One drawback is that pop-up displays are usually not of adjustable size.

Another type of trade show display is the table top panel. These displays are rectangular pieces that are available in several sizes and styles. Tabletop panels are easy to ship to the location of the trade show with the graphics in place as they are extremely compact displays. Often, these displays come with briefcase style cases that are made for ease in transportation. As panel displays come in a variety of design styles and color combinations, you can have a coordinated display that has your company logo or representative colors. Tabletop panels are not as easy to assemble as pop-ups but are however extremely durable.

Yet another type of trade show display is the literature rack. These displays are usually made of aluminum or plastic. They are effectively stands that hold and showcase a product or company literature. A literature rack is useful and easy to transport as it is collapsible and can fit into an easy carry case. Literature racks come with a number of pockets that can hold company literature or products. There are now of course other options for displays like the use of laptops with power point presentations on them.

The choices are many and you can opt for the best suited for your business.

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