What Online Business Is The Best To Be In?

If you started surfing for 'Business Opportunities' now and carried on surfing a new site every 30 seconds or so non-stop for the next 25 years you will have still only seen a small percentage of all the Biz Ops programs available …. heck! there should be an opportunity for me to make some money somewhere then?

But out of ALL of these business opportunities – in any field – at least one thing remains totally constant to ensure success …. Focus! The more you do something the better you get at it.

The BIG problem is that it is essentially impossible to maintain a focus on one thing. By the very fact of being in a business (ANY business) online you need to be online to maintain the business and by being online you will inevitably be exposed to advertising, promotions, services, products and programs –ALL of which will be promising new and better opportunities.

I personally have on average 150 or so E-mail messages in my primary inbox every day (up to 2000 in my secondary one!) And I diligently go through them every day to try to weed out the import messages that need responding to. There is NO way though that I can go through this list of E-mails and not click on the more enticing ones that promise me ever easier ways to make money.

One click then leads to another (you know what I am talking about here) and before long an hour or even two have passed and you (I) achieved NOTHING – except to disillusioned with what you are (I am) already doing!

I have spent the past 18months 'wasting' my time doing this. I will put something in motion, then see something else and have a go at that instead (or as well as), then something else comes along always better, bigger, easier etc.

As I said earlier the more you do something the better you get at it, so I am proclaiming my status as a 'tried that, tried that, tried that' etc … Guru. I am definitely the expert to talk about about 'wasting' time, money and energy on chasing a dream in an online business.

Actually my time, effort and money have not been wasted! Although I have not achieved the wealth I would have had I put all my resources into ONE home business opportunity, I have LEARNED and experienced a great deal.

All online businesses (unless you are involved in passive income streams like HYIPs or
you're filling surveys and the like) NEED Traffic – the life blood of any enterprise, you will NOT be successful without this. Also you need a good sales letter and marketing techniques – a good product or service helps (but is not essential to success).

It really does not matter what you ever became involved in Focus and Persistence are the two main attributes you will require – whatever else you are lead to believe! Having multi-streams of income is the mantra of successful online entrepreneurs and, of course, this is highly desirable, however, building ONE thing at a time should be your main business plan.

Of course you can not learn from MY mistakes – you learn by doing – but it will save you time, effort, frustration and considerable expense if you took my advice. And, apart from reiterating that Focus is the MAIN requirement to achieving success (in anything!) My advice is to IGNORE hype.

NOTHING – I promise you – is as good as it is made out to be in the hyped up and exaggerated sales letters. Personally I think it is TOTALLY counter-productive to claim the BEST scenario that a product or service can produce if that 'BEST' scenario can ONLY be achieved by the odd outstanding individual and is not a typical or common achievement. It ALWAYS leads to disappointment and disillusionment.

You know the deal – earn $ 30,000 per month with only 5 referrals … (IF those 5 referrals get 5, who get 5, who get 5, 20 levels deep etc – which is VERY undesirable.) A more typical income would be $ 200.00 – $ 300.00 per month. Personally I would still buy or opt-in to something that promised me these more realistic results, especially if they were commonly achievable by ordinary (me) people!

I wish you good luck in your Internet ventures – but remember it's a 'minefield' out there …

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