Color Use In Marketing

While determining the color to be used in marketing, one needs to understand the nature of the business, the targeted market or segment, the people, region or age group and a host of other factors. Every color represents a unique characteristic, emotion and personality. It is in fact a symbol of the human mind. The psychology behind the preferred colors is in fact a well researched subject that throws light into the benefits of using appropriate colors to reflect the moods of the situations.

Can anybody think of sending a single dull colored flower bouquet for a birthday of the loved one? That is highly unlikely. The colors speak the language of the heart and needs careful planning and attention so as not to lose the intensity in the communication.

Children are the softest targets of bright colors. Being unaware about the deep pits of life, they tend to get carried away by colors that sparkle and shine. That is why we see all wafers, chocolates and toffee wrappers in bright appealing colors. If you are the one who joins the kids in watching the cartoon network you have seen the impact the colors make on these tiny tots.

It is not only the children who are moved by the colors but every one who has an aesthetic appeal. Having a web site filled with all lifeless and moody colors is unappealing, unless of course the site is something about mourning or of a tragedy. Not only does the web site need to contain the appropriate colors but also the right combination.

A proper mix of colors that is suitable for the occasion and the subject may speak better and convey the right meaning. A site for the holidays for example, needs to focus on colors suitable for the vacation that it offers. A sea side resort would have more focus on blue. A hill resort would have more focus on green. And for a historical place the right combination of grey and brown. One shouldn’t have to read the entire contents of a web site to get an idea of what the site is about. Convey it by using the language of the colors.

The R&D department of an automobile manufacturer or home products firm knows the value of appealing and innovative colors that get reflected in their new makes year after year. A product that has not moved along with the changing taste and interests quite possibly may not be in existence by this time. Most of the branded products whether it is a health drink or a designer fabric has moved well with the changing tastes and time to stay ahead.

The influence that the logo and the colors make in the minds of the millions of customers the world over has been kept in view while formulating the web sites of the leaders of all the brands. One may not however conclude that it is the color in the marketing that has the final say!

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