Diet & Nutrition

Despite the extensive use of juice and food-supplemental therapy, it is my considered opinion – based upon sound theory and long experience – that the use of fruit and vegetable juices and special foods, in addition to, or as a substitute for a fully balanced diet, is;

o unwise,

o not in accord with the fundamental principles of natural healing and

o ultimately, counter-productive.

I severely disapprove of this practice.

The use of 'food supplements' – no matter what form or nomenclature, is a desperate deviation into the realm of 'curative dietetics.'

Any attempt to supply allegedly missing trace elements or vitamins by eating extra foods or juices will be unsuccessful, and can only lead to disappointment, frustration and sometimes, tragic results.

If you want to produce the best;

o Blood

o Cells

o Tissues

o Organs

o Systems

… then we must put into our body the best quality product.

The best food for the human organism is a combination of;

o Fruits – approx 50% of our diet.

o Raw or lightly cooked vegetables – approximately 35% of our diet.

o Starches (complex carbohydrates) – approximately 10-15% of our diet.

o Proteins (concentrated foods) – approximately 5-10% of our diet.

For the average person – on a daily basis – this weighs out to approximately;

o 750 gms of fruit

o 4-500 gms of vegetables

o 1-200 gms of starch

o 60-100 gms of protein

These amounts will be adjusted 'slightly' to accommodate the individual's lifestyle pattern.

There is no thing – manufactured or grown – that has any more power than that which is contained in the metabolism of each and every cell that makes up your person.

You can not add to the sum total of your vitality.

You can only conserve that which you now possess.

A diet based on the information contained above will provide an environment conducive to the free flow of blood, lymph and nerve force.

For the betterment of your health and vitality – stick to a diet of living, live, whole foods.


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