Got a Book or Business to Market

Maybe you put up a blog. After all, it's the rage. Maybe you did pay for advertising like Google AdWords. After all, one size fits all. Maybe you made sporadic efforts at phoning or emailing new contacts, even published your own ezine to reach your audience. Joint ventures helped. So did your teleclasses.

These ways may be OK for some, but for you publishers, authors or business persons in the long haul – you need a visibility and trust awareness marketing process.

What Needs More Attention for Your Up levered Success ?.

Article writing and submitting. This is the most powerful way to market your book, your coaching practice, your speaking, your service or small business. I know because I tried the others and came back to articles about 5 years ago. My results that can be yours? 3500 + targeted visitors a day to my site With a web site makeover to match, even more clients and book sales are coming my way.

The best thing about Articles Marketing is that it's FREE!

More powerful than any other offline as well as online marketing.

FACT: When you submit articles to directories and web sites, it's totally free. People who want your information will read your articles, click on your link, visit your site. This is not only free traffic, but targeted free traffic. What other marketing can beat this?

I'll share a secret with you. Article marketing is the one reason my business flourished these past 5 years. Not even a blog or the interactive Q and A worked half as well.

Maybe you jumped on the bandwagon and are now doing a lot of different promotions. This shot gun approach wastes your time. And time is money. For articles, your time investment? Less than you think. Your internet marketing coach spends about six hours a week total. I was so impressed I wrote three books about it.

Why article marketing?

When people read informational articles and learn something, they will see you as the savvy expert, admire your know how, and often click the link at the end of the article in your web bio or signature file to learn more.

When they go to your site, you will have it set up to sell your 1-5 top services or books. If your web site is not quite right ask a coach who teachers this read their books. Hint. Your sales letter is the one that converts sales for you. You need one for your coaching practice or other service too.

Article marketing works and will continue to work no matter what the search engines do or do not do. You do not need to be number 1 in Google, although a high rating does reflect you market yourself well. When people read your articles (lots of them) you'll get known as the expert and clients and readers will flock to you.

Focus on getting you, your book and your business high visibility! Free Publicity. Free Promotion. Free Marketing. Articles bring your targeted people to your web site. That's the power.

My focus is to help businesses get well known, respected, and trusted to attract all the clients and product sales they want.

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