Supportive Nutrition – Simple But Not Easy

We are all looking for a secret to success, or the magic food that will help us lose weight. What we tend to find is frustration and anxiety. But not today. I have the secrets to success and the magic foods that will get your nutrition on track and have you burning fat in not time.

The secret to success is consistency. If you are eating supportively already but are not where you want to be, chances are you are not consistent enough to make the results visible. Consistency understands eating supportively 30 out of 35 meals in a week (eating five meals a day, which is another success strategy). This involves not missing meals and not overestating at a meal. Each meal (or snack) should involve ingesting a carbohydrate, protein, and fat. They can all be from the same food but a little of each should be consumed.

In order to be consistent you must plan ahead. If you know you will be on the road, for example, plan snacks that you can travel with. Also have extra snacks on hand in the event something coming up that you had not planned for. These small steps are going to produce big results for you.

As for the magic foods that will support your fat loss goals; they are not exotic, you have heard of them before and you can get them at your local grocery store. And there are more than one. Here are a list of 'magic foods' that will help you torch that stubborn body fat:

o Vegetables (especially dark leafy green vegetables)

o Lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites)

o Fruits

o Beans

Look familiar? I'm sure you are a little disappointed. Do not be. These foods, while under our noses, are the very foods that will help you trim your waistline. If you make the majority of your food take these foods, you will be eating supportively.

These foods may also not look to appetizing. I can understand that. However, there must also be a shift of thinking at some point where food is no longer the tool we use for comfort and satisfaction, rather it becomes the tool that promotes our physical and, more importantly, mental health. Ask yourself if you wish to live longer and look good, or do you want the temporary satisfaction of a food that will turn around and leave you unsatisfied with your self-esteem?

That may sound a little extreme, but there are other factors as to why weight and not eating supportively are such an epidemic in our country. We already have the answers, so it is time to stop searching and start acting. How do you start? Go into your kitchen and clean out all the foods that are not on the list above. Create an environment that will support your goals. You can also add sprouted grain bread, oatmeal, raw almonds, and some dairy to your list to help build a well rounded plan. Thirsty? Drink water or green tea. With a limited list of foods, it will become easier to plan your meals and you will not have to think about eating supportively.

Talk to your family members and get their support for the lifestyle change. Support of others will go a long way to your success as they will hold you accountable for your actions and will also want to be held accountable. Create a support team within your loved ones and ensure a lifetime of good health and shaving pant sizes!

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