Autoresponders and Direct Response Email Marketing

Once you have set up your business marketing website and have designed it as a primary point of contact with your prospects and customers, you need to know how to capture their names and email addresses. An autoresponder is the essential tool you will use in your direct response email marketing campaign.

Direct Response Email Marketing is simply a means of automating your communications and relationship-building through your customer and prospect list. It will allow you to automatically follow up with people so that you convert new prospects into customers, and insure that your customers remain eager to do business with you and your company over and over again.

Traditional Offline Business Owners Must Learn the Secret System Used by Savvy Internet Marketers

Successful Internet marketers who do business exclusively online have been using autoresponders for years. They could not experience the explosive growth they have without them. By totally automating the process of communicating with their list of prospects and customers, they save them an incredible amount of time.

As the owner of a traditional offline business or professional practice, you need to adopt this very same system .

What Are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders are software programs that can be customized to suit the needs of any business, online OR offline. Once set it up, it helps you stay in contact with your prospects and customers so they never forget you. This process of remaining in contact with your subscribers is the very foundation of what is called, "relationship marketing." In short, people are more likely to do business with a person or company with what they have a warm on-going connection or relationship.

Getting back to my explanation of autoresponders – in a nutshell, they keep you and your company at the forefront of your prospects and customers mind. And they do it automatically-that is, once you set it all up.

How Do Autoresponders Work?

What I like most about using an autoresponder for business marketing is that it works on the principle of set it-and-forget it . It does not matter if you have a list of 10 or 10,000 prospects and customers. All you have to do is write your messages and determine a preset schedule for the autoresponder to send them out to your list. And because you can presenter the schedule of mailing intervals, you can preload all your email messages in advance. That means you can preload special offers, reminders, discount coupons, newsletters – you name it. I have some of my autoresponders preloaded with a year's worth of messages and special seasonal offers that I composed one Saturday afternoon!

Autoresponders, when combined with direct response email marketing techniques, keep you in touch with your loyal customer base and bring them relevant information about you and your business. For example, let's say you're a retailer and you just received a new shipment of the latest widget or you are planning a big sale – you can instantly let your entire list know all the hot details. Not only can autoresponders help you maintain communication with your prospects, but they can help convert your occasional customers into frequent buyers.


Are you starting to see how powerful a business marketing tool autoresponders can be? Good! Now hold on to your seat … because it gets even better! Instead of sending your messages and offers to an impersonal "Dear friend" or worse yet, to "Dear subscriber" or "Dear list", you can set your autoresponder to address each contact by their own personal name.

Personalization makes all the difference in the world! In traditional offline marketing this would be the equivalent of receiving a personal handwritten letter in the mail as opposed to one labeled "current occupant". Is not it nicer to get an email addressed to you personally than one sent to a huge group with a canned greeting like "Dear subscriber"? You tell me.

Bottom line, an autoresponder can help you build massive lists of prospects and customers. It helps in building relationships and maintaining communication with your customer base and, more importantly, engenders trust in you and your company-which translates into greater profits!

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