Have You Heard The Term Multi-Level Reverse Marketing?

It's simply Reverse Marketing applied to your Multi-Level Marketing Business. Now you need to know what Reverse Marketing is? There are three basic tactics to "flip" marketing – meaning you sell someone who is trying to sell you.

1. You can do it the hard way: Chase down, look up, seek, and secure other Network Marketers by offering to help them grow their business. This can be very effective because the majority of the Network Marketers out there has the cart-before-the-horse – which make them great target prospects who are easily recruited.

2. Then there is the easy way: You can become a member of someone else's e-mail newsletter and set up your auto-responder to auto-matically reply to the e-mails you are receiving. This is easy if you know how to configure an auto-responder. If you do not, there are people and programs that can help you.

3. And the third way: Become an expert in your niche (like article writing) and since you are already thought of as an expert, people will be willing to change ships in order to ride your wave to a successful Network Marketing Business. They DO expect you to really lead them with support and training, as you should.

Remember to put your best foot forward and make a great impression and always keep your words sweet in case you have to eat them some day.

Reverse Marketing is simply one more tool for you to bring in prospects and generate leads while keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket instead of paying upwards of $ 500 a month in advertising with PPC and Adwords, etc.

Reverse Marketing can actually put 10 -15 people into your down-line every week while adding a few thousands into your bank account. Is not that worth a few hours of your time? Always remember, it takes Work just like any other store-front business would. So treat it like a "real" business and keep on keep'n on.

Avoid being brainwashed by coaches and e-book reports that you Must spend money to make money. Find yourself a training course (they're usually fairly expensive, so I guess you DO need to spend money to make money. A little, anyway). Bottom line – Do your research and go with your gut.

How do you go with your gut? Think of something that really upsets you I mean REALLY upsets you. Now pay attention to what is going on in your body. Check your chest, your stomach, your gut area. How do they FEEL. Notice any tension, tightness, coldness, any kind up upset at all? That is your gut-intuition. Yes, men have it too.

Next think of something or someone you really ENJOY and Love. Do your body check again: Chest, Stomach, Gut area. How do they FEEL? Notice any "butterflies", warm fuzzies, calmness, strength? Again, that is your gut-intuition.

When you must make a decision about something do this little self-check. If it does not FEEL right, it probably is not. Did you happen to notice how you felt while reading about Reverse Marketing? Did it Excite you? Or, did it cause a clutching and a disbelief? If it caused the latter, it could be some "old programming" or brainwashing you've received in the past. Either way –

Remember Multi-Level Reverse Marketing is simply a tool, not good, not bad. The only way you can find out if it works for you is to try it out. Also remember, it's Free!

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