Email Marketing Technique – Writing Emails to Have them Read II

Having decided that, you have the all important subject line. Most people involved in internet marketing get lots of emails every day. These can number hundreds if not more. Nobody is going to read them all, so you must do all that you can to get yours selected as the recipient carries out a visual scan down the list of senders and subjects. The majority will be consigned to the trash bin, never to see the light of day.

You must have a compiling subject line that stands out from the rest, but do so without using spam words such a free, fantastic, gift, etc, that most spam blockers are programmed to sniff out. One thing that will make the recipient to pause while scanning down the list is to see their own name. If you see your own first name in the subject line of an email., Then you tend to stop and read the whole line. You still might not open the email, but you will at least read the subject line.

The rest is then up to you: to provide a subject that the reader will want to open to find what you are offering and why their name appears in it. Most readers want something that is going to give them a benefit, teach them something, make them money or save them time. That must be in your subject line or they will still not open the email. Alternately, use a subject that intrigues them.

A subject such as: 'Anne, Did You Accidentally Miss this Last Time' or 'Tom, Thank you.' are more likely to have the recipient open it than 'Make $ 5000 in a Week'. The first two definitely work, whereas people are not so gullible anymore as to believe the third. Something like 'Andy, This Should Work for You', is also frequently effective.

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