Email Marketing Tips – How to Use Autoresponders in Your Article Marketing

Writing articles enables you to build up your credibility. When you share useful information that helps your readers, they begin to trust you and are more likely to purchase from you.

Using autoresponders enables you to increase your sales by following up with your visitors, keeping your marketing message on their minds, and emailing special offers to them.

Below, you have three tips to help you add email marketing to your article marketing efforts.

1. Promote your ezine.

Use your own resource box to promote your ezine. Share a few benefits of joining your ezine. Then link to your ezine's sign up page with some anchor text. Your sign up page will then seal the deal of converting your readers into subscribers.

On your sign up page, create a winning headline and list key benefits of joining your ezine. Tell your readers about any bonus or bonuses you are offering for joining your ezine.

In addition, share testimonials for your ezine and for your bonus if you have them so that you'll be able to further increase your credibility.

Note that you can link in your resource box to your sign up page that you link to on each page of your site.

You can also create a squeeze page that shares the same information – effective headline, benefits and some testimonials – and link to that page in your resource box.

The difference here is that your squeeze page will not link to anything else. It will not have your site template or have advertising on it. It will only have your information including your privacy statement and your subscription box for your visitors to join your ezine.

2. Promote an ebook.

Create a squeeze page to promote your ebook. Then use your article's resource box to promote your page.

Like with your squeeze page to promote your ezine, start your copy with an effective headline. Also share some benefits of getting your ebook. Show how your ebook will help them.

Use a list to share these benefits, and share some testimonials.

Below this copy, put your sign up form where you'll double opt in all your new subscribers.

Also like with a squeeze page to promote an ezine, do not link to anything else on this page. Give your visitor only two options – to join your list or leave your page.

3. Promote an email course.

Look at your articles that are all on the same topic and use them to come up with the different parts of your course.

For example, if you've written articles on writing article titles, writing article bodies, writing resources boxes and article promotion, you could use these articles to create a four part course.

Simply use the information that you have in your articles as a quick start guide to writing the different parts of your course.

After you've finished your course, create a squeeze page for it and promote your course in your resource box.

Note: If you have an ezine, you can use your email course or ebook as a bonus. You can also have your visitors subscribe to your ezine when they fill out your subscription form to get your course or ebook.

On the page you use to promote your email course or ebook, let your visitors know that they will also be subscribing to your ezine. Make this abundantly clear. List it as part of your benefits. Use a subscription to your ezine as a bonus.

After they confirm their subscriptions, send them the link to your ebook in your welcome email or have your autoresponder automatically deliver your course.

Then, broadcast your ezine issues on the schedule you have set up and keep following up to get more sales.

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