Internet Strategic Marketing Tactics – How Do You Make Money?

The vast majority of Internet marketers today realize how significant the email list is to their marketing efforts. Undoubtedly you may have put in a great deal of time money and effort in order to grow your list. You may not be absolutely sure how to turn that list into cash flow.

It is great to have a big list of prospects but how you sell your offers to these people is what really counts. How do you go about selling to the people on your list? How often should you market to these prospects? What do you do to get the most profit from that list?

The four Internet strategic marketing tactics below should help transform your mailing list into a respectable source of income:

1. Start by actually sending out marketing emails.

For whatever reason, several marketers are fearful of selling to their prospects. Although not every message needs to be a sales email, some of them need to be very clear that you are offering a product or service- and how it could benefit them.

Do not hesitate to tell your list if you're offering a new product, having a sale, are giving something away, or have a special limited time offer for them- they probably would like to know.

Do not be around the bush or try to hide your offer- it's confusing. They already know you sell stuff, and it's usually something they might want. Tell them exactly what you have to offer them, how it might help them, and give them a direct call to action.

2. Be sure to include informative emails.

Not all of your e-mail messages should sell to your prospects. You need to intermittently send informative emails as well. If all your subscribers receive from you are sales pitches, you are going to lose their responsiveness.

Your subscribers will appreciate emails that are sent just to give them information. Give them the latest news in your niche, send them a list of resources that would find useful, or maybe a small blur you found about something that you thought they would find interesting.

3. Inform them of free gifts, giveaway events, and cool surprises.

Your subscribers will love the surprises and free stuff. Freebies and bonuses are an insanely effective Internet strategic marketing tactic that works like gangbusters with an e-mail list. These can take the form of resale rights, PLR, viral products that you made, or a related freebie from a joint venture partner.

4. Use surveys to explore your subscribers needs and demands.

Sending a short survey in your messages to your subscribers is a great way to find out what they want to buy. It is no stretch of the imagination to see that as a guaranteed sale. Not only will that increase your sales, what it shows your customers that you care.

Ask them what they are interested in, find out how you can help them solve their problems, get their opinions, or even get product ideas. This is the most direct market research you can ever conduct – USE IT.

5. Build a trusting relationship between you and your subscribers.

Being consistent with the above Internet strategic marketing tactics will automatically establish the bond between you and your subscribers. This gives you as the marketer a significant amount of leverage to transform your subscribers in to repeat buyers.

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