Sports Nutrition – What Should You Eat

So, you would like some help in determining what foods are ideal for the pre game meal or maybe just an overall look at what you should be eating.

Here's a break down that will help you.

Foods High In Carbohydrates

The first and most important aspect of sports nutrition is to provide your body with the building blocks of what it needs to perform. That is in the carbohydrates.

Here are some foods that are ideal to consume as high carbohydrate foods. In other words, these are the foods to eat prior to your game, your competition or your events.


Potatoes are high in starch and carbohydrates. They make for the ideal pre event meal choice. You can eat them any way that you would like including baking them, mashing them, pan frying them, broiling them and so on. Avoid deep frying them (no French fries please! Check out on Trans FAT.)

Also you need to be careful with what you put on them. Things like butter or gravy can be heavily Saturated with fats that you do not need. Sour cream goes along with that.

If you can not live without it, then consider cutting down on how much of the condiment or additional additive you place on them.


Even if you are not Italian, you probably have lots of pasta in your home. It's a quick and easy meal and it's great for sports nutrition preparations.

There are many choices out there including a variety of noodle shapes from macaroni to ravioli, to spaghetti and everything in between.

You can top it with spaghetti sauce or go without.

Be careful when you add oils, butter, or heavy sauces to the pasta though. You should also not top it with too much meat either, especially if this is pre game a experience. Cheese too should be avoided or kept at a minimum especially if it contains lots of fat.

Rice, Cereals, Bread …


A large confusion has to do with fruits. Because they are sweet, they seem to be something that is not good for us. While they do have sugar in them, it is natural sugars that allow our bodies to better stay hydrated and to have the carbohydrates that we need. Therefore, these types of juices are quite worthwhile to consume.

Your options are many and should include things like oranges, bananas, and apples. In the form of whole fruits, most are easy for your body to digest and will provide the necessary nutrition that you need.

In the way of juices, you will want to look at what is in them. You do not want your fruit juices to have more than 8 percent of carbohydrates or electrolytes as this will make them harder for your body to digest.

Dairy Products

If you have to have your milk with your breakfast by all means have it. Actually, any and all low fat dairy products are perfect for the sports nutrition guide. Try a variety of things including low fat milk, low fat cheeses, low fat yogurts and others.

Again, avoid things that are high in fat or that are added to the dairy products such as chocolate.

PS Latest breakthroughs in health – to remain and achieve OPTIMAL Health, you need certain ESSENTIAL Sugars! Breast's milk contain some of them. So, open out eyes about 'sweet' – it is saying – not all sugars are bad. Check out what Glyconutrients are, and what latest scientific reseaches reveal.

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