Ecommerce – Starting The Wrong Way

A lot of new online businesses start the wrong way: They build a wonderful ecommerce shop (often spending a few thousand dollars). Then and only then does it become obvious to them something must be wrong. They know something is wrong because they do not make the much talked about internet riches.

So what could be wrong?

Coming online with the offline mentality …

Offline, if you can get a shop in a very busy street or in a very popular mall, you will have a lot of shoppers. Offline, you'll need very attractive displays (The more outstanding and expensive the better).

Offline, the location of your shop is about the most important factor in getting lots of people to your store. So, these offline thinkers come online with flash animations and thirty thousand dollar site designs.

But guess what? No one notices them.

Online, know one happens to pass by a site. They search and find a site.
The question is: Are your findable?

Starting a web business at the end instead of the beginning. Traffic is the lifeblood of any site. If you do not have traffic and loads of it, you're not simply making any money let alone making a profit. You want to make sales, do not you? Then you need to have visitors.

So, before you spend a bundle on site design and all the whistles and bells ask yourself what you have to do first to get those all-important visitors.

If you have a traffic jam to your site, you'll succeed all other little things being equal. If you do not then you will not make a dime even if your product is a world changer.

There are many ways to drive traffic to a site. If you have a ton of cash you can advertise on Super Bowl. But if you have a more modest budget, take your time to learn how to drive massive traffic to your site first.

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