Rafael Palmeiro: Steroids and Baseball, Deceiving the Public

Rafael Palmeiro had us all believing that he never took steroids. Being a former major leaguer, he had me convinced as well. He also fooled the American public into thinking that he was one guy who abstained from it’s use.

What are we to believe now? Steroids in baseball has got way out of hand and has effected us all. What are our kids thinking? What are we teaching them? That it is alright to take steroids and to lie to congress.

It is shameful to think about it all. Steroids are a harmful drug that can have lasting effects and can even lead to death. It has a high morbidity rate with side effects of rage and depression and suicidal thoughts.

It’s time for all to wake up. To play the game right and to play it straight. What good is a record if you cheated along the way. What kind of integrity do you have?

The game needs to have players that represent honesty and integrity. It needs to have players that perform and do well from the result of good old fashioned hard work. People who will not only represent themselves but represent the game in a positive fashion.

Rafael Palmeiro is another example of the problems we face in society today. It’s time to go back to our roots, and do things the right way. With hard work, integrity, honesty, and a compassion for others. Not with enhancing drugs, deceitful testimonies, waving fingers, and a highway travelled by dishonesty.

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