Email – A Revolutionary Solution to Marketing


Marketing has become more and more strategic through the years. Its development has followed the pace of technology and partnered with it effectively. Currently, one of the most common marketing techniques is to do it by email, which is a practical yet far-reaching approach. Now, growing an online business is easy and can be done everywhere. The variety of email marketing solutions available nowdays is advanced yet very easy to use so it should be quite simple for users to avail of.

Although all types of businesses can realize benefits from these email marketing solutions, there are particular ones which have detected significant results in recent years. Internet retailers are one of them, who usually experience an increase of leads in a much shorter period of time and with less effort. Another are the direct marketers who are able to specifically target those customers by email who are more likely going to be needing the offered products. In addition to these are the online service providers who are able to link emails to actual demonstrations of their services. These and many others can attest how effective these email marketing solutions are.

One can choose from a good number of providers of these solutions. GravityMail is one of them which offers full-service and even self-service solution that allows for creation, customization, sending, and tracking of email messages that aim to promote a specific product or service. It promises not just to create leads but to convert these leads into actual paying customers.

GravityMail allows its users to personalize the email messages to be able to reach a better targeted audience with better appropriate offers. The format of email may also vary, from plain text to rtf format, depending on the receiver's capacity. So the probability of emails getting read is much higher. Likewise, there are certain tests to check if the email will be able to get through in spite of receivers' anti-spam facilities. At the same time, the schedule of delivery may be specified, ensuring that the message will be received at the most appropriate time of the day.

GravityMail also ensures that its customers are able to fully maximize what they are currently paying for. There are ways to increase the substance of existing data and at the same time minimize the level of data maintenance necessary. For instance, it monitors unsubscription to ensure that messages are not going to be resent to those who have already unsubscribed. Likewise, it can automatically deal with messages that bounce back while there are options to personally deal with specific accidents.

On the average, the number of recipients at one sending is not limited, reaching to as much as tens of thousands. Should some of the recipients in one batch of sending fail to get the message due to server problems, there is usually an assurance that the system would not cause any duplicate messages to those who have already received. There is a method to track those which have failed and resend the message only there.

Overall, one can not deny the convenience and effectiveness that these email marketing solutions bring to any business owner. With such an aggressive manner of marketing, products are definitely going to be promoted at a timely manner and be able to attract customers at the right time.


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