Email Marketing Best Practices for Fun and Profit

Is there anything you've heard more times from internet marketers talking about their craft than "the money is in the list?" Probably not. You hear it everywhere, from everyone. Heck, I've even trumpeted the importance of email marketing lists before in some of my other articles.

The problem is just saying "the money is in the list" is not enough to really explain the full depth of a successful email marketing campaign. True, most of the money will be in your list, but most people make it seem like if you just are able to build a huge list of people vaguely interested in your niche through opt in email marketing that you'll be rolling in dough each and every time you send out an affiliate offer to them. This just is not true. It's not enough to just have a big list of qualified leads, you also have to actually build a positive relationship with them using these email marketing best practices.

After all, it does not really make sense to just think that all you have to do is build up a list and you'll be golden. Most of us probably have signed up for our share of opt in email marketing lists before, so we know first that there are some lists that we read regularly and there are some lists that we delete as soon as we get them.

There are some lists that we belong to that we legitimately care about, written by people which we actually trust- and there are some lists that we just joined because we wanted something free and we've just been too lazy to unsubscribe from, lists that just did not capture our interest or develop some level of a relationship with us.

Think about these two categories of email marketing lists for a minute. Which type are you more likely to buy from? Which type have you actually made a purchase from before on the author's recommendation? Which type of email marketing campaign do you want to run?

Working with email marketing best practices means you want to aim to have the kind of list that people actually read. The kind of list that people actually look forward to and get excited about receiving. The kind of list that people actually trust and know is not just about making money.

If you build a great relationship with your list, you should be able to outperform affiliate marketers who have lists that are 5-10 times the size of yours.

And the funny thing is- it's actually a lot more enjoyable to have a personal relationship with the people on your list. It's rewarding to respond to e-mails and questions to help people instead of just sending off a generic auto-responder to all replies.

It's a lot more fun to write e-mails to your list about things that you feel passionate about than it is to just send off copy-and-paste messages filled with affiliate links. It's just more exciting to care about what you are doing than to just see it as a paycheck.

And you know what? It's a lot more profitable too.

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