Your New Best Internet Marketing Buddy – Viral Marketing

Marketing on the web has some unique attributes that general marketing can not necessarily enjoy. Something called viral marketing, which can refer to anything from branding to backend sales to word of mouth advertising, is prevalent on the Internet. Viral marketing can be incredibly lucrative. The value of viral marketing is of such import that examples abound everywhere on the Internet.

One of the greatest ways to build confidence in a product or service is through word of mouth advertising. Most people believe that this is only possible in real, live, face-to-face conversations, but that is just not true. With the prevalence of text messaging, blogs, instant messages, and emails, word of mouth advertising can actually be achieved via the Internet. After all, the bulk of communication, particularly for younger people, has moved online. This is but one example of the value of viral marketing. Advertisers tapping into this vast network of potential customers can attest to its the success.

One of the ways in which you accomplish viral marketing is through entertainment on the web. Video vignettes, games, etc., that are being shared with millions of users often having advertising attached. Therefore, the value of viral marketing can be recognized by those who know that literally millions of people are being reached by this form of publicity. Consider also the exponential effects of passing along an email to everyone in an inbox. If one person sends a message to ten, and of those, five pass it along to another ten, and so forth, then, in a matter of days, an immeasurable number of people will have received advertisements from people they know! Therein lies the value of viral marketing.

Similarly, backend sales are a great way to realize the value of viral marketing. Backend sales refer to sales to existing customers. In essence, once you have established a good relationship with a satisfied customer, they are likely to be willing to purchase more from you, a trusted source. Likewise, branding is another great example of this type of marketing. Once a consumer recognizes a brand that can be trusted and relied upon, they are more likely to come back for more. They are also more likely in both of these instances to tell their friends how much they enjoy your products – which, of course, is word of mouth advertising or viral marketing.

So you see, the value of viral marketing can be realized through a number of avenues. Whether it is through word of mouth, backend sales, or branding, the value of viral marketing can not be discounted, as it is a veritable cornucopia of opportunity for the online marketer.


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