Ergonomic Computer Accessories

Ergonomics is a science concerned with the design of safe and comfortable machines for humans. A branch of ergonomics deals with furniture that avoids causing backaches and muscle cramps. In the computer field, ergonomics plays an important role in the design of monitors and keyboards that prevent discomfort and strain while working for long hours.

Injuries have increased with the use of computer technology in the workplace. Repetitive and prolonged work at the computer workstation can lead to discomfort, muscle aches and work related injuries. Posture and proper body positioning at a computer workstation is important

The importance of ergonomic design was stated in old records dating back to the 17th Century. Long periods of sitting, continuous movement of the hand and strain on the eyes are common complaints.

The CPU stand provides a secure and speedy way of relocating CPU through the office space. It also creates convenient, mobile, under-the-desk CPU storage that allows for more workspace and leg space, keeping the user more comfortable over long periods of time.

Ergonomic armrests provide full forearm support to combat cramping and fatigue while using the mouse. A smooth and spacious computer mouse pad surface of polyurethane ensures comfortable movement of the mouse while the wrist rests on the arm support.

CPU holders can be installed under the desk where users can comfortably load media without bending. This system can be installed quickly and provides easy storage away from the operator's knee, which can be in the way without this sort of accessory.

Multifunction glare filters protect the LCD display surface while protecting the user's eyes from glare. The LCD surface can be easily damaged, but using a glare filter increases the screen's durability and previsions distortion.

Today, numerous universities have carried out intense research about ergonomic workstations and accessories. Their research is important for the worker as well as the employer, who is interested in limiting absenteeism and increasing worker productivity.

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