Article Marketing For Non-English Speaking Writers

Article marketing can be very profitable part of your online business, but you have to write one or more articles per day. Many excellent writers who want to get started are relevant because English is not their primary language and they want to sell to an English speaking market. I have spoken with a number of my subscribers who are dealing with this problem. In addition, these individuals frequently have difficulty in obtaining their articles approved by the large article directories.

If you find yourself in this situation, there is an alternative for you. Seek out a mentor, a friend online who is willing to help you out. Make sure your mentor is a good writer and is totally familiar with sentence structure and English grammar.

I know what you are thinking … "Who would help me, I do not know anyone online?" Make some friends, join some lists. List owners are usually more than willing to help their subscribers. I have personally re-written articles in English for a number of my subscribers. It only takes five minutes.

So if you want to try to get into the lucrative field of article marketing, but do not have the language skills, ask around. Surely there are others out there who can spare a few minutes of their precious time to help you out.

Here is another similar idea that you can try. Write ten to twenty articles and get them corrected by one or more mentors. Then take those twenty articles to an online service provider like Elance and look for writers who can completely re-write those articles for one dollar each. I have seen projects like this on services like Elance.

Once you get those articles re-written, post another project using the same terms. That way, you are getting your articles written for about fifty cents each. And in the article marketing business, that price is a real steal! Try it; it may work for you.

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