The 4 (Simple But Most Important) Watchwords In Marketing

Everything about life is in stages. If you jump one stage for the other, you will either be called back by failure or remain at that stage far-longer than normal. This applies to marketing. If you must succeed in marketing, you most have to follow these 4 stages carefully.
They are the 4 watchwords in marketing.

(1). WHAT; This reflects to what you want to market / promote, you must know the product well, the advantages and disadvantages, and its functions to be able to convince who you will be marketing it to.

(2). WHOM; This reflects to who you will be marketing / promoting the product to. You must be able to define the type of people who need the products in order not to waste time / resource before getting good response.

(3). HOW; This reflects to how you will be marketing the product. You must be able to come with a method of reaching your defined public. Is it by print, electronic media or internet etc

(4). WHEN; This reflects to the time you will be marketing your product. There is time for everything, and you do not want to try marketing a new Christmas tree on Christmas day, or do you? That's when most families are watching the ones they already bought.

Follow these 4 watchwords strictly and, you will have a clear picture of where you are standing and heading in the market.

This article is written to help educate in the field of marketing and I hope it helps.

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