How To Change Your Marketing Mindset – Top Ten Marketing Tips

Regardless of what business you are in you have to be able to develop business or you will not be in business. I work a great deal with lawyers and accountants as a coach and consultant. I frequently hear from my clients that they do not like to do marketing or that it should be someone else's job. They just want to provide excellent legal or accounting services and find marketing at best a chore. If this describes you, you may need to change your marketing mindset.

The days when you can ignore marketing is long over. You do not need to have a "rain maker".

Some people just have this natural gift and love bringing in new business. I personally find marketing exciting and fun because I primarily see it as developing relationships which is a strength of mine. You can focus on one of your strengths such as writing or speaking and learning that marketing is something you have enjoyed all along but just need to think about it differently.

Top Ten Marketing Tips

1. Develop an open and optimistic marketing mindset.

2. Build a strong foundation by creating your statement of purpose.

3. Close the door on what you no longer desire.

4. Open the door to manifest new possibilities.

5. Decide to work with people that you are thrilled to have as clients.

6. Establish relationships built on trust.

7. Know your unique talents and strengths.

8. Create holographic visibility with your best prospects.

9. Laser-focus your energy and take small actionable steps 24-7.

10. Contribute your full potential to making the world a better place.

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