How To Set-Up Your Marketing Campaign One Step At A Time – Step One

A marketing campaign to generate traffic and buyers can be a very costly proposition for any internet marketing beginner. But properly planned and executed, a marketing campaign can be very rewarding financially. It is a progress of steps or if you prefer, building blocks to prosperity.

So your broke and overwhelmed by the tons of information online regarding a successful marketing campaign. Plus, you do not have the room or enough leverage on a credit card to allow for advertising or buying leads through co-registration in your marketing campaign, as most ebooks and courses suggest you do to get immediate traffic.

Your marketing campaign or strategy should consist of a progress of steps that eventually lead to paying for masses of traffic by the millions, but as in anything, not everyone has those resources available at the beginning. Your first step to a potentially profitable marketing campaign is through utilizing article marketing.

By writing articles on your choice of niche, you want to generate immediate traffic to a properly built site, by linking to your site or a squeeze page through the links in your bio or resource box. The key here is to make sure those visitors do subscribe, and the only way you can do this is to give them something of value for free. It is the cheapest method to managing a marketing campaign because it is free. The purpose is to build a subscriber base that can be used in email marketing as part of your marketing campaign at a later date.

However tedious, your marketing campaign at the beginning should focus on writing articles in your particular niche. In general, you should continue writing articles until such time that you've reached a comfortable number of subscribers that you can begin marketing to through emails. Personally, my ball park figure is about 300 to 500 subscribers depending on the niche. Since statistic, only 1/100 buy, you can still make a good living selling selling 3 to 5 products a day as your list lasts to grow. So ideally, in your marketing campaign at the beginning, you want to be doing both of these actions before progressing heavily into another method.

An important thing to keep in mind as you first begin marketing campaign, is that your articles must totally be focused on your niche. You must keep your audience in mind. If your writing on 'weightloss', your audience will be people who want to lose weight. You must also make sure that your marketing campaign has a demand for the information. No demand, no profitability. Using 'weightloss' as an example, and as of the writing of this article, over 21,000 / day typed in the word 'weightloss' in the search engines. Now that's what you call demand, and that kind of demand tells you there's profitability. So your article marketing campaign based on this keyword, should prove to be very profitable if aligned the right way.

The sole purpose of a marketing campaign is to market a product or service, so that you can make money. At this stage, keep in mind that your product is your site, your squeeze page, and building a subscriber base so that you can market "weightloss" products over and over again. Occasionally you will progress to another level as the money starts coming in through this first step of your marketing campaign.

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